Khashoggi and the modern Kingdom of Al Saud

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“First of all we aren’t an authoritarian government. We are a monarchy. We have our checks and balances” —Saudi FM Jubeir

He’s right.
They have a lot of checks and one balance.

Most of those checks go to the US , ending in the pockets of:
-Congressmen and Senators
-US government
-mainstream media journalists
-failed US companies that need a fat check to bail them out
-MIC, through buying weapons

Remember that the first visit of the Donald was to KSA.
He cashed in on a lot of those checks.
Like 400 Billion of them.

But, the main chunk of those checks are used to buy US T Bills, recycling the excess petro-f*cking-dollars and this way supporting the US deficit spending.
We are talking Trillions.

But KSA does not discriminate : it gives many checks to other Western governments, like UK, France, Germany.

For the same purpose: good publicity…

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